Some Softball Facts You Need to Know

During Thanksgiving Day in the year of 1887, the first ever softball game was being played. It was during the football game between Harvard and Yale that involved paying of bets that softball came to exist. The game of softball came to rise when a Harvard person decided to throw a boxing glove at the Harvard graduates, and then one of them also decided to hit the thrown glove using a broom. Find out for further details over here

Softball game started as a game being played indoors.

One of Yale and Harvard's alumni named George Hancock used a boxing glove and formed it into a softball, and then using a chalk, drew a diamond on the boat club's own floor. Since the glove that was transformed into a softball was just soft, players of the game did not yet use any gloves. As a result, the first softball game started and ended with a score of 40-41.

Afterwards, Hancock decided to write down some rules of the softball game, and invented a bat with rubber tip and a softball. He then used a permanent market to put some foul lines on the boat club's floor. Learn more about softball, go here

What started off as an indoor sport now became an outdoor sport.

In the winter of Chicago, softball suddenly became one of the many favorite sports to date. Such a sport has paved the way for baseball players to even practice the game during the season of winter. Past the winter season, the game of softball was then brought outdoors to be played in the field making use of much smaller diamonds.

The development and evolution, however, of the game of softball were made possible by Lewis Rober, a fire marshall. So that his Minneapolis firemen do not get bored while waiting for any fire call, he made sure to let them play the game.

Lewis Rober decided to mark a softball field on the adjacent lot of their fire station so that he can let his firemen play the game. Rober soon realized that compared with baseball, there is more action and offense in the game of softball because of its larger and softer balls being played in smaller fields. He decided that it be best to finish the game within an hour, and so decided to only limit it to seven innings.

The games were then being played by various fire house teams and garnered to as much as 3,000 spectators. This also blossomed into softball games being played in playgrounds and parks all over the city. The game officially became a sport as declared by the Minneapolis Park Board in the year of 1913.

Soon after that, the game of softball is now an international sport.

It became popular from different parts of the world from Canada to Milwauke to the Midwest. Yet, softball games from different countries have quite different rules and regulations. For example, there are various names for the said game. It was only during the year of 1926 that the name softball became the official name of the sport. Take a  look at this link for more information.